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Get 50% discount on your first month.
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Get 50% discount on your first month.
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15% Off Any Order at Scent Box
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35% Off ScentBox First Month
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30% Off Your First Scent Box
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Expired Coupons - Try them, they may still work!
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Extra 25% Off ScentBox Gift Subscription
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How To Get A ScentBox Discount

To keep yourself in the mind of the opposite sex, try a different fresh scent every time you go out. The way to keep this mission affordable is to use the scentbox coupon code.

To understand how the scent box coupon code works, just read the upcoming steps:

  1. Find the code on the list of great available coupons
  2. After finding the code, look to the right and see the ‘Get Code’ reddish button. Click on that to show the code and then copy it.
  3. Once you have copied the scent box promo code, use the link right below it to go to the Scent Box website.
  4. When you are on the site, choose either the women’s or men’s catalog of scents and do your shopping.
  5. After choosing your desired subscription plan from the two price points you will be led to the checkout page, in the right hand side right below Order Summary you'll find a "Have a coupon code?" prompt, click on it and fill the blank with your ScentBox promo code, the discount will be reflected immediately.

  6.  Make your payment and become memorable.

About Scent Box

Two brothers joined forces and created Scent Box and their mission is to keep their customers smelling good at an affordable price.

Scent Box has over 1000 fragrances you can try. After you find your favorites, it only costs the equivalent of two Starbucks coffees to be memorable to your spouse, date, or casual friends.

The brothers decided to go the subscription route to sell their products. You can sign up for a month-to-month plan and cancel at any time. They leave it up to you to purchase the scents you like.

Also, it is important to know that Scent Box does not own the fragrances they sell. All fragrances come from independent manufacturers and are not associated in any way with the manufacturers they sell. They also do not repackage or re-bottle any fragrances in their catalog

Scent Box pros and cons


  • 3 subscription plans to be memorable
  • Unique opportunity to buy the fragrances you like
  • Easy to shop
  • Easy to use
  • Large selection of fragrances
  • Free shipping
  • Can cancel at any time


  • Staggered fragrance availability
  • Must sign up for a platinum membership to have access to all the fragrances
  • Not as affordable as one may think
  • Price changes after the first month
  • Must subscribe to buy fragrances

Scent Box pricing plan

This company has a very unique way to sell their products. They use a tiered system, not just for membership plans but also for how many scents you buy each month.

The lowest cost is if you buy only one scent a month and that applies to all three membership levels. They provide a discount for the first month only, then all subsequent purchases are at the regular price.

If you go up to two scents per month, you still get a first-month discount but the prices are higher. The same goes for the 3 fragrances per month option. Each purchase option provides you with a 30-day supply, 127 sprays, and roughly 0.27 ounces per fragrance.

The first level of membership, Standard, gives you access to a minimum of 600 fragrances. The Premium membership level provides yo with access to a minimum of 850 fragrances and the Platinum level has a minimum of 1000 fragrances.

The Scent Box products

The company divides its scents into two categories, men's and women's and you can either look at them all or choose a category you prefer. There are no product descriptions but here is a sample of the fragrances and their manufacturers for both men and women:


  • Paco Rabanne- 1 Million Elixir, 1 Million Lucky, 1 Million Parfum, 1 Million Royal
  • Caroline Herrera- 212 VIP, 212 VIP Rose
  • Giorgio Armani- Acqua Di Gio Eau De Parfum, Acqua Di Gio Profondo, Acqua Di Gioia
  • Thierry Mugler- Alien, Alien Flora Futura, Alien Goddess
  • Plus more.


  • Thierry Mugler- Angel, Angel Nova
  • Giorgio Armani- Armani Code Pour Femme, Armani Si, Armani Si Passione, Armani Si Passione Intense
  • WET- Bath Bomb Barrel 4 Pack - Ice Queen, Bath Bomb Barrel 4 Pack - Love Spell, Bath Bomb Barrel 4 Pack - Mermaid Fantasy, Bath Bomb Barrel 4 Pack - Sex Addict
  • Estee Lauder- Beautiful, Beautiful Belle, Beautiful Magnolia
  • Plus more.

Scent Box savings tips and hacks

Using the scentbox coupon is not the only way to save money when you want to smell nice and make a great first impression. Here are other ways to save when you shop at the website:

First-month discount- when you pick a membership, you get an almost 50% discount on your first month’s purchase. It does not matter which membership plan you sign up for this discount is always there.

The discounted price is automatically added to your checkout total when you subscribe.

Coupon code- at checkout, you will be asked if you have a coupon code. Use your scent box coupon at this point. Make sure to answer yes and update your checkout total.

Gift subscription- you can get a loved one to buy you one of these discount options. Or you can buy one for a special person in your life. The gift subscriptions start at just over $50 which covers 3 months of purchases.

  • The $52.95 gift subscription allows your special person to choose 1 fragrance per month for 3 months and they can choose from over 750 perfumed options.
  • The $97.95 gift subscription is for 6 months and the receiver gets the same options as the 3-month gift plan.
  • Finally, $179.95 gift subscription provides up to 12 months of purchases with the same deal as the other two options.

Gift Sets- you can buy these sets for either the man or woman in your life. Prices vary depending on the set you select.

Free Shipping- all prices for all memberships and gift subscriptions include free shipping.

Discounted rates- Another option comes in the form of payment, clients can opt for discounted rates if they pay 6 or 12 months upfront, simplifying the monthly payments and reducing costs overall.

Scent Bucks- This is a reward program for loyal members. The company will return 10% of your purchase price in the form of scent bucks. You can use these rewards for any product on their website.

You can use these scent bucks at checkout and there will be a button to enter the code when the balance is above zero. Scent bucks are not valid for monthly subscription costs.

Scent Box FAQs

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free no matter how much or how little you purchase each month. However, this discount is only available to customers living in the US.

Where do I place my coupon code?

You use the coupon code on the checkout page. There will be an appropriate box for you to enter the code. Make sure to update your checkout totals before making your purchase.

Do they allow for returns and refunds?

Not, there are no returns or refunds for the monthly subscription box orders. However, they do offer exchanges. You get one free exchange per month but you must live in the US to participate in their exchange program.

Is it possible to cancel the gift subscription for a refund?

No, it is not possible. The gift subscription will run for the total amount of time purchased. Also, there are no refunds available for gift subscriptions.

To take advantage of the low Scent Box prices, make sure to use the scentbox coupon code. This is a great way to add to your savings while making yourself memorable to that special person you like to be with.


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About ScentBox
ScentBox is a fragrance retailer, but one with a rather unique approach to business, the way ScentBox operates is by offering subscription plans, avai ...morelable in Standard and Premium prices, however unlike other boxes in the markets with ScentBox you fully know what will come in your monthly package, Standard clients are allowed to choose from 575 designer fragrances, while Premium clients get an extra 275 to choose from, and each month ScentBox will make sure to deliver your chose fragrance to you in their custom box with a supply meant to last 30 days, so each month you can choose what new fragrance to try out and all of that at an affordable cost and in a practical way, However if you are looking to subscribe to ScentBox you can gain a discount on the subscription price with a ScentBox coupon, available here in this page.