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15% Xplor Code for May 5th
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15% de Descuento en Entradas y Tours a Xplor
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Expires: 5/31/2024
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10% Off Xcaret for Mother´s Day
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25% Off Xplor Parks and Tours
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How To Get A Xplor Discount

Located in the heart of Riviera Maya or Cancun, Xplor is a fun-packed park hosting various activities. The tourist destination is situated in a jungle and attracts many visitors across the calendar for its unique facilities and activities. From underground expeditions, zip-lining, and toboganxote, to driving amphibious vehicles, there are unique events that attract individuals with different tastes. 

As you approach the Xplor Park entrance, the unique atmosphere will give you an adrenaline rush. It will get intense as you navigate the caverns of stalagmites and stalactites. You will notice an increased heartbeat until you arrive at Corazon, the park's merging point. From there, you will gain access to various corners and activities at Xplor. Moreover, Corazon will allow you to taste the most refreshing drinks to prepare you for different activities. 

How to Redeem an Xplor Promotion Code

You can redeem a promotion code like an Xplor coupon and get your ticket at a discounted price. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the official Xplor website and click the “Package” section. 
  • Select among the recommended packages or create your package, then tap on the “GET YOUR ADMISSION” button.
  • Provide the necessary details, such as the visit date and the number of children and adults. Afterward, click the “Pay” button.
  • A new page will pop up with a unique “I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE” section on the right-hand side of your screen. Key in your Coupon code Xplor Mexico in the provided space.
  • You’ll notice a percentage price decrease after providing a valid Xplor discount code. Complete the payment process to enjoy the park’s facilities. 

Notable Features at Xplor Park

Xplor discount code

As mentioned, Xplor Park has unique features that attract many visitors annually. Here are some unique ones that redeeming an Xplor promo code when booking an admission will give you access to: 

  • Troglodita Restaurant: This top-notch restaurant serves various dishes to accommodate all tastes. It allows you to satisfy your hunger during the adventure.
  • Oasis & Manantial: These are unique smoothies and snack destinations where you can find nutritious and quick energy. You can get fast food between activities before beginning a new activity. The smoothies are designed to give your body energy without filling your stomach.
  • Corazon: This is the meeting point for various activities at Xplor, which has attractive scenery. In addition to its beautiful appearance, you’ll find hydrating centers to freshen up before embarking on a new activity.
  • Gift Shops: At the shops, Hasta la Vista and Triquicueva, you can find unique supplies you’ll need during your stay at Xplor, including caps, water shoes, T-shirts, and sunscreen. You can also find a great gift to take home to your loved ones.
  • Rest Areas: Specific sections with hammocks and chairs where you can take a break from the adrenaline rush. 

Xplor Park Pricing

Pricing at Xplor Park varies depending on your intended destination point. Their website has a price guide showing the prices of various stops. Here is an extract:

  Online Transportation Total
Xplor Admission 128.69 USD 29.70 USD 158.39 USD
Xplor Fuego Admission 108.89 USD 29.70 USD 138.59 USD


Xplor Pros and Cons


  • Suitable and clean environment
  • Multiple adventure activities
  • Xplor Mexico coupon code for discounts
  • Several shopping stops in the park
  • Safety measures are implemented


  • Some visitors complain about the pricing

Other Money-Saving Tips at Xplor Park

Xplor Saving Tips

Besides redeeming an Xplor coupon code, here are other money-saving tips to consider when booking admission to the Xplor Park:

Xplor Discount Tickets

The Xplor website has a “Promotions” section that allows you to purchase discounted tickets. When writing this post, we found exclusive offers for visitors purchasing tickets through HSBC bank cards. This offer awarded those visitors a free second day in Xcaret, a notable offer considering that the admission price is GBP 104.24. 

Additionally, there was a free photo promotion for all group tickets purchased (a group of three to ten people). A “Discounts” tab also contains 10% to 25% discounts with specific conditions. Therefore, you can use Xplor discount tickets to save money on your next vacation.

Children Ticket Discounts

If you plan to visit Xplor Park with your beloved child, do not worry; their tickets are discounted. Unlike in other parks, you won’t pay anything if your child is between zero and four. You’ll also receive a 25% discount on a regular adult ticket price if your child is between 5 and 11 years old. Typically, claiming this promotion is straightforward— you will provide your child’s details when booking a package. 

Subscribing to the Newsletter

Becoming a registered Xplor newsletter member is another money-saving hack you should consider. Navigate to the “Subscribe” section on the website to receive an email notification every time promotions and exclusive information are released. Thankfully, you’ll receive Xplor promotion codes and other offers that will save you a few bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xplor FAQs

Where to Find an Xplor Coupon?

To find an Xplor Coupon, visit their website and navigate to the promotions section. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to receive such unique codes shared with specific members. Alternatively, you can use our Xplor coupon codes.

Does Xplor Park Sell Tickets for Kids?

The park doesn’t sell tickets for kids aged zero to four. However, you’ll receive a 25% discount when purchasing a ticket for a child between five and eleven. However, you may be required to submit age-proof documents to receive these offers.

What Are the Main Activities at Xplor Park?

The main activities at Xplor Park include underground expeditions, tobogganing, underground rafting, exploring underground rivers, hammock splashing, and driving amphibious vehicles. 

Save Money and Explore More at Xplor Park

Exploring Xplor Park is cheaper than you thought through the money-saving hacks discussed. You can redeem an Xplor Mexico coupon code, purchase discounted tickets, subscribe to the newsletter, and enjoy children's promotions. Thankfully, you’ll visit the park and save some money for other essentials. Don’t wait– take advantage of our discussed tips and tour the park without spending too much cash. Happy tours!


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About Xplor
Booking a vacation in a mind-blowing destination is a perfect way to escape from busy schedules and relax. Xplor is a place in Riviera Maya that attr ...moreacts thousands of local and international visitors annually. Look no further than the park if you want a memorable escape with your family or loved ones. But how is their pricing, and do they offer feasible ways to save money? Yes, you can redeem an Xplor Park coupon code when booking your admission and receive significant discounts. This post explains the redemption process and other money-saving hacks you can consider when preparing for your next visit. Let’s jump straight in!