April 28, 2013

10 Money Saving Travel Tips

For many traveling and vacationing in a desired destination is a luxury and a dream in the current global recession. Therefore, we present you some money saving travel tips that you can still plan and go on a journey that you have always wanted without returning home with empty pockets.Money Saving Travel Tips
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1. Sightseeing

Check in advance whether there is a specific day / time when the entrance to the museum / landmark / attraction is free

2. Public transportation

  • Buy a block of tickets for driving, or a ticket pass for 2, 3, 5 or more days
  • Consider the possibility of buying the so-called City-card (if the city you are travelling to has them) which allows substantial savings - free admissions or discounts on tickets to museums / sights / attractions, free public transportation, etc.
  • Local transport such as buses or trains is cheaper, although the path may take a little longer but will definitely be worth it.
  • If you're planning a tour use a taxi or a minibus, connect with strangers and share the cost
  • If you think it's safe, you can hitchhike
  • Some countries offer the possibility of renting a bicycle. It is inexpensive or even free if it's public, you can visit the entire city, stop, get off, see what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want and how you want, and then continue driving further if you want ...

3. Food and Drink

  • If it is possible choose a "cheap" destination - food prices often depend on the destination, and in poorer countries you can often get a full meal for little money
  • You can taste very cheap local food that is prepared and sold on the street, but first make sure it is freshly prepared
  • Buy food at the supermarket (usually the bigger it is the cheaper it is) and prepare yourself a sandwich, and if you have a fridge, the food can be stored for several days in advance. If you have a kitchen cook your meal yourself. It is enough to just have a coffee-maker or small kettle to boil water and prepare an instant soup
  • Replace juices with plain water, it's cheaper, and healthier

4. Organized tours

Inquire about the types of tours offered (what they offer, how long, how much they cost, how popular they are, do others recommend those tours, and if you have time to read the experiences of people who have been on this tour and what their impressions and recommendations are) and opt for the one that gives you the most benefit where you will get more for less money, the one that saves you time in one day to be able to walk around and see as much as possible.

5. Phone services

  • To reduce the cost of telephone calls avoid calls from the hotel, buy a payphone phone card and you can rent a cell phone at the airport,
  • If you use an internet cafe, prepare text of email in Word after you log into your mailbox, just copy the text from Word into the body of the message and send it - you will save money for the time spent on the Internet

6. Souvenirs

Souvenirs are memories of the country where you've been and as they are made to "take your money out of your pocket." often encourage an unplanned purchase that you may later regret. You must, therefore, distinguish cool souvenirs that you really like and those you don't, will they serve the purpose back home, and which are unnecessary. Also keep in mind that you need to transport souvenirs home, especially if they are fragile, heavy, bulky, etc.

7. Currency

If you want to buy something abroad, and are unsure whether to pay cash or credit card, compare the amount of the fee for currency exchange offered by banks and exchange offices abroad (i.e. euros or dollars in local currency) with the height fees that your credit card companies typically charge for conversion rates when billing for consumption because maybe some things are ultimately cheaper to buy with a card, rather than pay cash!

8. Miscellaneous:

If you are traveling provides some possibility of the "once in a lifetime" that would be good to put to use, but usually "cost", decide what you really want to experience, "reject" the rest and stand firm in your decision

9. Couch surfing

One great way of travelling, saving money at the same time meeting new people is to do it by couch surfing. Couch surfing is the new travel trend where people travel and instead of staying in hotels, hostels or private accommodation they stay on people's couches hence the name couch surfing.

10. Booking a hotel room

If you haven't booked accommodations before traveling look for it during later hours. Hotels that are not fully booked will rent you a room at a lower price. It's better for them than if the room is empty, as it is for you.
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