May 23, 2013

Save on Entertainment - Where to Go and How to Find Deals

When you want to save money on entertainment, but are afraid there are not many coupons or deals out there to be found, you will be surprised at what you can actually find, if you look and ask for the deals. Depending on what you enjoy, whether it is a family event, or something for two, or what venues you most want to see, there are a few ways for you to save, when you would like to go out and enjoy different events, even though you are on a budget.

Happy family on cinema

1. Look for cheap entertainment

One of the easiest ways to save money on entertainment is to go to the venues that are not as costly. If there are local universities in the area, you can choose to attend theater performances or concerts, as opposed to paying hundreds to see the same play on stage at a local theater. If you want to enjoy time out with the spouse, try going out for an afternoon date (lunch and a movie rather than dinner), as most restaurants offer great discounts, and certain theaters offer lower prices during afternoon hours.

2. Use coupon sites

If you enjoy doing group activities or if you like taking advantage of local events, sites like groupon are a simple way to find deals, and save. Not only can you find coupons and savings for local events, there are certain coupons that are specifically geared towards providing you with savings for local venues and events, that you would otherwise be paying full price for. Whether it is BOGO deals, or 1/2 off deals for other events, you can save, but you do have to shop for the best deals, on the best coupon sites.

3. Keep it local

You would be surprised at how many cheap, or free, venues you can find locally. From entertainment at the park, to free concerts with admission to different venues, you can find great talent, and you do not have to pay for many of these events. Checking the local newspaper, using online sources to help you find out about local venues, and asking around the local area, are simple ways to save on entertainment, and are great options if you are tight on your budget, but still want to get out there and enjoy what is being offered.

4. Consider outdoor entertainment and venues

From beaches, to different parks, you can find several things to do, when trying to save money on entertainment, all of which are free to do. You can go to the beach for a picnic, or find a local park that is hosting free events for the kids, there are so may events you can find by simply looking for outdoor adventures and different venues that are open to the general public.

5. Consider loyalty programs

If you are a music lover, or if you and the family love going to the zoo, theme parks, or other such venues, more and more companies and facilities are offering some type of loyalty program. If you purchase a single pass, or if you plan on visiting several times yearly, they will provide you deep discounts to visit the venues. You pay for one trip, and come back year round for a flat fee, or some other deals are promoted.Whether it is a fun trip to theme parks, or whether you and your kids like the zoo or other educational visits like the local museums, ask for these discounts, and find out what specials are offered to those who visit on a regular basis. You will be surprised at how much you can save just by asking for some kind of deals.

It can be difficult to enjoy many venues, especially if you have a large family. But, just because you are on a budget does not mean you have to give up on the things you enjoy, and seeing what is out there to be enjoyed. You have many options when it comes to savings, and if you know where to look, and what events to choose to engage in, you can save money on entertainment, and you can enjoy what is out there for you and your family to take part in.