September 29, 2014

5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas


All Hallow's Eve is just around the corner, and it's time to start getting creative!  Costumes can get pricey if you purchase them in the store, but you can save a lot of money and make a statement that's uniquely 'you' if you get a little crafty and turn this holiday into a DIY project.  

halloween costume ideas

Here are some Halloween costume ideas that will make you smile when Beggar's Night rolls around:

Bubble Bath

This unique idea is super cute, and it's affordable and simple to make, too.  Here's what you'll need:

  • An inflatable rubber ducky bathtub like this one from Target
  • White balloons
  • Wide ribbon
  • One or two shower sponges

To create the bubble bath, simply cut the bottom out of the bathtub, making sure to leave a couple of inches all the way around.  Punch two holes in the front of the leftover bottom part and two in the back.  Thread the wide ribbon through the holes, creating suspenders.  Now blow up the balloons and use the double-stick tape to secure them around the rubber ducky.


Fewer things say fall than scarecrows.  This is one of our favorite Halloween costume ideas because it's simple and expressive.  Gather the following items:

  • Overalls (if you don't have any on hand, a thrift store is a great place to check first!)
  • A flannel shirt
  • Straw or hay
  • A straw hat (check for this at thrift stores, too)
  • Fabric glue or a hot glue gun

Your scarecrow comes to life easily.  Glue the hay to the insides of the legs of the overalls so it hangs out of the bottom by two or three inches.  Do the same to the sleeves of the shirt.  If you have some extra fabric laying around, stitch or pin it in random places on the overalls to make patches.  Top it with a straw hat, and you've got a scarecrow!

Cookie Monster

Everybody loves Cookie Monster, and this is one of those Halloween costume ideas that will be a big hit anywhere that it's worn.  You'll need:

  • A long blue tutu (if you can't find a blue one, just get a white one, and pick up some blue fabric dye).  You can also make your own tutu by picking up several yards of a material called tulle.
  • Felt in the following colors: white, black, tan, and brown
  • Ribbon for straps
  • Fabric or hot glue

Start by making Cookie Monster's face.  Cut a half-circle from the black felt for the mouth, and two small circles for the pupils of his eyes.  Cut two larger white circles for the eyes, and glue the black circles to the white in a skewed Cookie-Monster-like placement.  Cut "cookies" from the tan felt, making the edges jagged to show bite marks, and place small bits of the brown on top of those to create chocolate chips.  Glue the face onto the tutu, placing one or two of the semi-eaten cookies in the mouth.  Secure the ribbon around the top so it can serve as a set of suspenders.  Voila!  Instant Cookie Monster!  This is one of our favorite Halloween costume ideas because you can utilize the same basic concept for many different characters.

Bat or Butterfly

Umbrellas can offer great creative options when you're thinking about fun Halloween costume ideas.  To make a bat costume, stick to all black.  If you're looking for a butterfly effect, look for colorful, bright patterns.  Here's what you'll need to do:

Start with a simple sweatshirt hoodie.  Thrift stores are the perfect place to find these, so you don't have to damage anything you already own.  Take an umbrella, which you can usually find at local dollar stores, and cut it in half, taking care to keep the metal spokes in place.  Cut two of the spokes out, keeping the surrounding fabric intact, and set them aside.   

Attach each half to the bottom of each sleeve (stitching these on will be more effective than gluing), so when the wearer's arms are raised, the wings come alive underneath them!  On top of the hoodie, secure the remaining two spokes to represent feelers.


How easy is this one?!  The stem is comprised of a long-sleeved white dress or a white long-sleeved shirt with white pants.  To make the top of the toadstool, start with a sombrero.  Glue or staple a white fabric to the bottom (any fabric will do just fine).  For the top, you'll want a white fabric; try to find one with a little sheen, if possible.  Very loosely cover 3/4 of the hat with the red fabric, stuff it with paper, and seal it completely.  Place white circles on the top, and you're good to go!

Do you have another great Halloween costume idea?  Feel free to share it in the 'Comments' section below!

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