May 16, 2013

How to Look Fashionable in a Budget

Fashion is a creative concept; one that does not always need money to get translated into action. Of course money is an inducement but a fashionable look can also be achieved without it. Since fashion is a state of the mind, creating the look you want, can easily be achieved on even a small budget. Let us look at some concepts and ways to see how it can be done.

fashionable woman

1) Redefine your own style:

Following trends might seem fashionable but they are also very unstable. Change is the only constant thing about fashionable trends. It is best to define your own style. It will make you look unique and might even inspire a change in the current trend.

2) Be simple with a polished outlook:

Build your outfits to look simple, clean and polished. Asses what you have in your wardrobe and build up an ensemble outfit to get a budget friendly yet elegantly stylish look. A sleek ponytail with your hair pulled back to accentuate your face, a pencil skirt with blouse and a cropped jacket, basic pumps and some lightly applied make-up is enough to give you a great look without having to try too hard.

3) Mix and match your clothes to create something new:

Shop smart and get an eclectic collection of the required items. You can then mix and match clothes which go together to get a classy, elegant and show-stopping look. In fact mixing bold and bright colours with something neutral makes you look dazzling without being garish. Adding pops of colour enhances the effect of any dress by altering it completely and making it look new.

4) Top up the effect with accessories:

Accessories play a very important part in how you look. They help to offset as well as enhance your appeal by making you look attractive and appealing. Women and jewellery complement one another in a way that each is incomplete without the other. Combining the elegant with the chic, the antique with the modern, the trendy with the traditional, generally serves to get rave reviews and lots of appreciation for your style and fashion. In fact something as simple as a unique pair of sunglasses or a perfectly pairing handbag has the ability to transform you from simple and ordinary to posh and sensational.

5) Spend less but buy more:

This is known as smart buying. For example going to a drugstore gives you more inexpensive but good quality beauty options than a supermarket or a speciality store. Also buying extra things should be avoided. It is possible to achieve an eye-catching hair-do with just a shampoo and a conditioner. No gels, sprays and other such products are required. In fact, your hair will be healthier without the use of those.

6) Expand you options:

Thrift stores open up a world of opportunity when you are on a shoestring budget. An outlet store is another option which lets you buy the latest trends at a lower price. These untapped resources have the ability to help you redefine fashion and create your own fashion trend without being too harsh on your pockets.

7) Grooming:

Grooming plays a very important role in how you look. So hair, skin, nails, toes and teeth should be properly maintained. Accessories such as nail polish, lipsticks etc., should be chosen with care so that they complement the outfit and make-up. A set of healthy shiny teeth brings an additional glow to your smile which in turn makes you look especially stylish.

8) Centre your outfit around one prominent piece:

This may be an attractive piece of jewellery, an extremely beautiful piece of clothing or something else. But that central piece should have the power to draw attention towards it. Design the rest of your get-up around that piece so that they enhance its sophistication and beauty.

As someone once said that fashion has a habit of fading but a person's style is eternal. It stays on. So it is more important to bring out your style and add your personality to the way you dress. This will create an effect which will make you glow with beauty from within. Your style will become the next fashionable trend and you will be hailed as a fashion expert. And you would be achieving all this on a budget. Incredible isn't it!
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