Apr 10, 2013

4 Cheap Solutions to Getting Yourself Into Shape

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If the price of gym membership is the only thing that is preventing you from exercising, we have good news for you. You do not need to join a fitness center to begin exercising seriously - good shape and form can be achieved without extreme costs. There are a number of alternatives with which you can achieve excellent physical condition, without going bankrupt!

4 Cheap Solutions to Getting Yourself Into Shape

1. Take advantage of everyday opportunities

You do not need special equipment to exercise. With a little imagination, everyday activities that we take for granted can become a part of your fitness routine.

Walk! - A short walk every day, either in the neighborhood or to a nearby store, is a good way to exercise. Instead of an elevator use the stairs. When you go to work, park a little further away than usual and that way you get in a few extra steps each day.

Housework is exercise too! - Mow the grass, pick up the leaves in the yard or clean snow from the door steps in winter. Even housework like vacuuming or scrubbing the tiles can be good exercise, if it includes a faster heartbeat.

Have fun! - If you have children, do not just watch them play. Join them in the fun - take a walk with them to the park, dance or go on a family bicycle ride.

2. Think of a reasonable investment

If you want to combine fitness and affordability, the following exercise products may be just what you need!

Barbells and dumbbells for exercise - They are small, you can hold them in your hands, and are excellent for strengthening your body. One more advantage - they come in various sizes.

Jump ropes - Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular workout, and everyone can afford it.

Exercise with the help of a DVD - Create the impression of an aerobics group in your own home, or choose a program that will help you improve strength and flexibility. To start, select exercises that suit your level of physical fitness, and slowly excel. When choosing a DVD make sure that it has a fitness instructor's certificate.

If you can spare more money, think about getting video games that you have to move during the game such as Wii. For example, there are games where you have to follow the movements on the screen such dancing, playing virtual tennis or practicing yoga.

3. Improvise

If you really want to save money and spend nothing on exercise, use household items that can help you build a remarkable muscle tone.

Canned food - It can be used as weights which will strengthen the arms.

Bottles of milk or water - Fill an empty bottle with water or sand and close it tightly. Add more or less sand - depending on the weight you want to lift. If you're interested in how much you're lifting, just check on the home scale.

Ladder - Shorter ladders can be used as an aid in aerobics. You will get an exercise machine that is similar to climbing low stairs.

4. Be a smart shopper

If you are interested in special kind of training or equipment, be smart when buying.

Check for the stores recreation departments - These departments often offer discounts, coupons or special programs for people living in the neighborhood. If you live near a college or high school with a fitness center, ask if they have a program for the locals.

Buy used - Some stores specialize in selling used goods, so make sure you have what you need. You can find machines through small ads or online. Just make sure that the delivery doesn't cost you as much as a new machine.

Share the cost with a friend - Exchange your exercise DVD with a friend, so that neither of you get tired of doing the same exercise routine. Find a personal trainer, share the price with a friend and exercise together.

Learn to discern the useful from the useless - Some fitness products are worth their price, others are not. Do not buy herbal or other supplements that guarantee overnight success, without any effort or exercise. Avoid products that focus on only one part of the body, such as the abdominal muscles. You cannot only concentrate on one part of the body and excluding the others.

Exercise really does have a number of advantages. Do not get sucked into a membership or buying things that you cannot afford. Good results can be achieved without a lot of money, but with a bit of concentration, imagination and will.
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