August 23, 2013

Tips on How to Save Money on a Wedding


Finally the bells are ringing, the birds fly and one thing is clear; love is in the air. There is one thing you may notice about weddings; they have their high seasons and when the season comes to weddings suddenly all costs involved shooting into the sky. Given that a wedding will involve you and your partner this means there will be more requirements unless both of you are willing to make compromises in order to cut on the wedding costs. Saving money for your wedding is not easy because there are issues, which always crop up every day and they just do not get finished.

How to save money on a wedding

Weddings can be quite expensive and you will never get to a point where you have money but nothing to do with it, at least not when you are planning for your wedding. However, there are quite a number of tips that can help you figure out how to save money on a wedding. Key to saving money is making a plan including a list of all the things you need, the number of guests you will invite, the venues you would like to use, and such estimates will help you come up with a budget. Here are the tips on how to save money on a wedding:

List Your Needs

As mentioned before in this article, a wedding is about you and your spouse. You need to enlist the most important things that you and your spouse need. This means the things you cannot do without during the wedding. The not so important things may be put on a waiting list. This will easily enable you to point out the things you can do without.

Financial Assistance

It does not pain or cost anything for you to seek some help. If you are stuck financially then the first people you should pay a visit are your parents. Most parents usually want nothing but the best for their children and they take pride in a good wedding for their children. The wedding may be an important day in your life but it is important to them as well, especially if you are their first or last child. Parents and close friends can come together and pull resources together just to ensure the day is a success.

Strategize On the Season and Day

This is a great way on how to save money on a wedding. There are certain months that are known as high seasons for weddings. It is advisable that you avoid such months. During low season months, business is slow for wedding materials and equipment vendors so they are usually willing to offer you discount in order to impress you. You may also save money by having your wedding on any other day apart from Saturdays. Such days as weekdays and Sundays are convenient and cheap since most wedding venues are not usually occupied.

The Bridal Party

This is where the rubber meets the road. Many people like impressing their friends and relatives by having them in their bridal party. For you to save money you have to cut down on the bridal party. The more the people in your bridal party the more the flowers or boutonnieres you need. Also having all the people in the bridal party attend the wedding is not an easy feat. If you have a coupled friend of the bridal party then you are inviting his or her partner to the list as well.

Wedding Bands

These are special requirements for the wedding as they symbolize the love you share with your spouse and the lifelong dedication your share. The price of the bands does not matter but the spirit behind the bands. Therefore, their cost should not be something to worry about since you may decide to upgrade them some time in the future when you have enough money.

Choose the Venue Carefully

Weddings are never about how fancy the venue looks or how big it may be. Such things are minor and you would rather concentrate on the major things, which include the two of you uniting. You may have the same wedding venue as the place for reception to save on transport costs. A wedding reception can be held inside a hotel ballroom or a church hall. This will save you a lot of money and at the same time, you might be shocked at how beautiful the day may turn out to be by having all your guests in one location.

Real Flowers vs. Fake Flowers

Real flowers are expensive as compared to fake ones. If you do not have enough time to grow your own flowers, you may consider fake flowers. The cost of fake flowers is relatively cheap and can greatly reduce the budget of your wedding and many fake flowers look real. It is important to use this particular money saving tip when considering the type of flowers to have in your wedding.

Find Better Deals

In addition, it also important to find better deals. For example, on wedding dresses can be easily found, and you can consider to have a used dress too. Online stores are also good destinations if you really want to save money on your wedding budget. In addition to this, it also not advisable to buy wedding dresses and other accessories from a wedding store of high class people. Look for a local wedding store and you can find best and nice looking dresses for a cheaper price.

Make Your Own Invitations

You can also save money on the wedding by making your own invitations. However, it does not really sound conducive when you are planning the whole wedding by yourself. Be careful not to overdue your wedding invites. Make your invites look simple but precise and if you spend a lot of money making them look nice cannot be a good idea and this is not necessary. What is actually needed in this invite is to announce your wedding day. There is no need for getting fancy.

Choose a Different Day Apart From Weekends

In order to minimize the cost of wedding , choose to get married in a non-conventional day like in the middle of the week. It is obvious that most wedding venues or halls charge more for the weekend weddings since the demand is very high.

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