October 29, 2013

How To Save Money On Halloween Costumes

According to Alliance Data Retail Services, 67 percent of all halloweeners (or their parents) buy commercially made halloween costumes. The average retail price for these store bought halloween costumes is a whopping $55 dollars each! This can be really hard on the budget, especially in these hard economic times when we're all trying to watch our pocketbook more closely! In this post, we will explore how to save money on halloween costumes.

How To Save Money On Halloween Costumes

Shop For Halloween Costumes the First Week of November

As soon as Halloween is over, most retailers are very anxious to clear their shelves to get ready for the lucrative upcoming holiday season. Just one day after Halloween, you will often see prices slashed 40-50 percent. About a week later, you see really deep discounts with more than 90 percent off! You can pick up some amazing deals during the first week of November for next year's Halloween costume.

Work With a Private Party

If you want a really good deal on a beautiful custom made halloween costume, don't go to a retail shop. Instead, strike a deal with private party who has supreme sewing skills and/or is talented at arts and crafts. To find this person, you could place a simple ad on craigslist, post ads around a college campus and on community bulletin boards, or find hand-crafted items on etsy& see if you can strike a deal with the artist. People working from home have little over-head and are often willing to create a Halloween costume for much less than a professional working in a retail environment. They make extra money for the holidays and you get a substantial deal -- a win win situation!

Consult the Older Members Of Your Family

Making home-made halloween costumes can be a lot of fun, especially if you turn it in a bonding experience with older members of your family. You can pop some popcorn, listen to old family stories, and get closer to your beloved family members through a shared creative experience. If you are making costumes for the kids, they'll love being able to spend time with the older members of the family and then give a "Halloween Fashion Show" to an attentive audience that is sure to appreciate them!

Check Out the Talent At Senior Centers Or Assisted Living Communities

Many older people have so much to give and the time to give it but for one reason or another have no family members. It can be a win-win situation to seek help from these older and wiser individuals. Ask them for ideas, take them with you to buy supplies, and ask for their help in creating the costume(s). There's nothing more beautiful than the sweet interaction between the younger and older generations. Make them feel like family by inviting them to your Halloween activities. In the process of making a new friend, you can create a really nice low cost halloween costume.

Trading Halloween Costumes

Most Halloween costumes only get worn once so they are still in great shape the next year, yet few people want to wear the same costume twice. However, what's old to you is new to someone else. Why not trade Halloween costumes with someone else? It will give you the opportunity to meet new people and you'll get a "like new" Halloween costume for free! You could even organize a Halloween costume trading party through your church, school, or club.

Make It Really Simple

Some of the best Halloween costumes are very simple in design and give onlookers a mystery to solve. For example, if you hang a bicycle tire around your neck, walk around with a glazed look, and put a thermometer in your mouth, you could say you were dressed as "Sick & Tired!" Get it? Ha Ha!

Shop At Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill can produce some truly original and authentic Halloween costumes at one-tenth the cost of cheaper made retail costumes. Look for thrift stores that support the homeless, battered women, veterans, and/or other causes you care about. In this way, you can put your costume money toward your favorite causes.

I hope you can put these tips on how to save money on halloween costumes to good use. As you can see, there are lots easy ways to save money on your Halloween costume(s) or even get a nice one for free. Have fun out there and don't get too spooked by the ghosts and goblins!